Cecilia Bertoni


Cecilia Bertoni
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Cecilia Bertoni

"It was a matter of having to leave dry land and entering the fast flowing current without being able to swim and then, in the panic of drowning, learning to breathe under water. Once under the water, though, and before the realisation shocks me awake, that I am doing the impossible, breathing under water, an extraordinary world makes itself known. A world of pure life, of cleanliness, containing an unimaginable diversity of images. I am not able to take these pictures back above water because they will dry up and die, so I have to invite the audience to drown and dream their own world with it." Christopher Marcus

"I am an artist in my studio. I focus my intentions towards invoking the sublime. The work of creating and destroying is not about passion or drama - that is for human relationships - it is a communion with matter. The language of matter speaks on another level it is mute - it speaks - through the hand and the eye. Yet, the human body and its wishes constantly intervene so that I am drawn in - by my own actions the moment is lost or gained. All the work has to be destroyed and begun again. Again, I prepare for that unknown possibility - it is shattered by physical abberations and the whole attempt is threatened to destruction. So the artist finds that gift only in the death of a single man and his love for his work." Ivon Oates

"I wish I could change into water now and then. I wish I would sometimes change into a penguin. I would be most happy. Because I can't do either of these, let's compose a performance about it. Above all art is able to express the longing towards something you can't realize in real life." Mees

"Water surprises, water refreshes, water tastes, water is fertile. Water attracts and is mysterious. Water quenches one's thirst, water is peaceful and water is silent. Water is warm, water is cold, water is sweet, water is salty, water is filthy, water is beautiful. Water is clear, water is troubled, water is ice, water is steam. Water flourishing, water cleans, water nurtures, water roars, water is wet, water is deep, water changes, water is powerful, water destroys, water uses. Water is life, water is death. Water is infinite." Dorine van IJsseldijk

"When I was asked to compose the music for this project, I was immediately inspired by different forms of water: the sea (a white noise), raindrips (rhythm), the mountain brook (the hypnotic). But also the beings and animals in the water: frogs, whales, etc. As a point of departure, I chose the drips to make a composition, in which the rhythmical structure of the water turned into a cadence. The presence and noises of the visual artist in this production I recorded and used to give her her own increasing line. Conclusion: the main ingredients are water, animals, voices, noises of handiwork both in the natural form and in combination with conventional instruments." Carl Beukman

"When I work as a light designer, I try to focus on the meeting point of space, light and matter. In this way the participant and the viewer of the theatrical event will have simultaneos theatrical expirience. In this performance the lighting composition forms a meeting point of the different states of water reflected through the performer's emotions and merging them with the different state of light." Moshik Yossifov

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